Three motor system

Fari’s three-axis motor system allows her to spin in 360 degrees so she can turn to face any direction, and move freely to express herself.

3 Panoramic Camera’s

Fari’s is equipped with three cameras that allow her to see the world around him, learn faces and understand her environment.

Mic Array

Fari’s microphones allow her to detect sounds from any direction, so you can always get her attention when you need her.

Touch Screen

Fari’s face features a 7-inch, 1280x720 pixel touch screen, which can be used to navigate through her menus and skills in place of voice commands.

2 Deep Learning / ML Processors

Fair Emotion Engine was created using a deep learning algorithm to train to understand and measure joy, surprise, sadness, disgust, fear, and anger. This is in addition to Gaze detection.

4 separate Quad Core Processors

2 Deep Learning / ML Processors

Award Winning Design

Having won industry recognition from titans like Disney and the Boston Consulting Group, we knew that we had a very good base to build and improve upon for what would eventually become Fari.

Face Recognition, Emotion Recognition

Fari has an incredible technology called Deep Learning-based emotion detection engine and gaze tracking. Fari is able to recognize different age groups, memorize and recognize familiar faces, and even has an integrated system that tracks engagement and mood metrics.

Emergency and shortcut KeyPad

Bose Speakers

Android based UI system

Advanced Machine Learning Modules

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