Our Story So Far

Our mission statement, from the very beginning, has been to improve people's quality of life through affordable A.I. and robotics. As a technical team of engineers, we wanted to be able to provide simple and elegant solutions to complex problems. To accomplish this, we've acquired bases of operations in the USA, China, Uk, and India, so that we can be at the international cutting edge of robotic technologies.

Our first form factor was designed to be a consumer service robot platform, which received numerous design awards. We managed to raise more than USD 1 Million, and with those funds we financed the reearch and development of our first robot, designed to be a home companion for the whole family. Its success was overwhelming, with publications like Forbes, Fortune, and Mashable featuring our family robot in their articles. During this time, we also were selected as part of the top 10 ranked Health Accelerators in the US, anchored by Johnson & Johnson, Zimmer Biomet, AARP, Ascension, Pfizer, Boehringer Ingelheim, University of Mississippi Medical Center, and Servier.

Fari started when we at InGen Dynamics started receiving a significant amount of demand for a robot that was specifically designed to be a solution for the needs of the elderly, healthcare and otherwise. We decided to rise to the challenge and started designing our healthcare form factor in 2018.

Thankfully, our original form factor for Fari, which started as the consumer service robot platform we made for our family robot, is more than powerful enough to adapt to the challenges of a healthcare robot. Having won industry recognition from titans like Disney and the Boston Consulting Group, we knew that we had a very good base to build and improve upon for what would eventually become Fari.

Fari being a healthcare assistant, we needed to make sure that the technologies going into it were the safest and most advanced. Today we're looking forward to the Launch of Fari and are excited to say that it should start hitting the market later this year. Tomorrow, we will continue to revolutionize the world of commercial Robotics and A.I. in order to tackle complicated real world challenges through science-based solutions.

Because you deserve

Fari enables your loved ones to easily connect with you and help with the day-to-day, wherever you live. She also helps you to share pictures, make appointments to reminding you about medications — Fari helps you to be independent.

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Easy-to-use and incredibly intuitive

Fari responds to you - to your voice, to your gaze, even to your moods - in ways that go beyond a generic speaker. Her body language intuitively helps you connect with her as a companion.

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She is helpful-Technology with a heart

Small robot, big personality. She is a fun and friendly sidekick with a unique character. She loves to make suggestions, tell jokes and offer up helpful information — anything to bring a smile to your face.

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